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Possible Duplicate:
allow questions to be saved as drafts prior to posting

Sometimes it takes really long time to write a question, so "draft question" feature will be really useful. Hypothetical: I'm creating a big question and marking it as a draft. As soon as it is ready, I clear the "draft flag," and voila.

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Duplicate -… – ChrisF Jan 26 '10 at 23:47

I select the text and ctrl-c it, then if it get's messed up I can paste it right back.

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What I do, which I'm sure a lot of other guys/gals here do too, is to 'draft' the question offline. In Notepad or any text editor. Save it offline if need be then copy and paste as a new question when ready.

This feature request is nice at first thought, but it'll introduce a few other issues. E.g. the hassle of 'draft management', people ignoring the drafts and let the list grow. I won't be surprised if there will be some requests for 'live' questions to be set back to 'draft', etc., etc.

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Give people a badge for keeping their "Draft" clean. :) As it seems to me - question couldn't be drafted back as soon as it is published. :) Drafted questions will be especially useful for questions starting at work time and finishing at home. Anyway I suppose you're right. – Kirzilla Jan 26 '10 at 23:59
@Kirzilla, yea I see your point on starting it off in office and finishing it at home. I'll probably draft it in my email. :) – o.k.w Jan 27 '10 at 0:20