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When asking a question or editing an existing one, the fade-in on the "How to Tag" / "How to Format" box

<div class="module newuser" id="how-to-title"></div>

fires whenever the focus is changed between the title box, question body text box and the tags textbox. While it's not a functionality issue, it does get somewhat annoying watching that thing blink in and out.

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Now that it blinks, you pay more attention to it, no? – random Jan 27 '10 at 3:34

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We believe these boxes, which contain important FAQ style info, were being ignored by most users.

So the fade-in is intentional.

(Note that on edit, there's less fading when editing an answer.)

How often are you tabbing amongst these fields?

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I personally am tabbing fairly often. I tab down to Save out of the body field when editing because I'm a keyboard guy so it fires pretty often for me. I don't know, I equate it with <blink></blink>. Still pretty annoying. I think that the box following you during scrolling is sufficient. – squillman Jan 27 '10 at 11:56

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