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Is there a bug in the renderer for comments wherein "`Foo`s" will not render with "Foo" in a monospaced font if followed by non-whitespace? See the comment below for an example.

Comment 1: Test: "\`Foo\`s". Result: `Foo`s.

Result here: Test: "`Foo`s". Result: Foos.

Result below: Test: "`Foo`s". Result: `Foo`s.

Comment 2: You have to `Frobber` the `Foo`s using a `Bar`.

Result here: You have to Frobber the Foos using a Bar.

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Test: "`Foo`s". Result: Foos. – jason Jan 29 '10 at 16:16
You have to Frobber the Foos using a Bar. – jason Jan 29 '10 at 16:17

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With the recent changes in comment markdown, code in comments now works almost exactly as in questions/answers, so this works now.

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