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I've written a basic stackoverflow ubiquity command.

The initial version refused to execute properly because one of the parameters was not in the correct format. Specifically the postData parameter to browser.loadURI and browser.loadOneTab needs to be a nsIMIMEInputStream object which shog9 pointed out.

The working version of code follows which can also be found at: and installed (if you already have ubiquity) by visiting:

Enjoy, Cheers!

  name: "stackoverflow",
  author: {name: "Aryeh Goldsmith"},
  homepage: "",
  icon: "",
  takes: {search: noun_arb_text},
  license: "MPL",
  description: "Searches the highlighted text on stackoverflow.",
  _version: "55",

  preview: function ( pblock, inputObject) {
    var query = inputObject.text;
    pblock.innerHTML = "Search for " + query + "<br/>";

    var url = "";
    params = {"search-text": query, "hiddenstuff": ''}; url, params, function( html ) {
      var $ = jQuery;
      pblock.innerHTML += "<div style='display:none;'>" + html + "</div>";
      var links = $(pblock).find('.summary h3 a');
      links.each(function (i) {
            if (this.href.match(/^chrome/)) {
              this.href = this.href.replace(/chrome\:\/\/ubiquity/i, "");
            } else if (this.href.match(/^\//)) {
              this.href = "" + this.href;

   = "_blank";

      var ques = $(pblock).find('.summary h3');
      var details = $(pblock).find('.summary .excerpt');
      var out = "<div style='margin-bottom: 6px;'><b>Previewing the first 5 results:</b></div>";
      for (var j = 0; j< ques.size() && j < 5; j++) {
        out += "<div style='padding: 5px;'><b>" + ques[j].innerHTML + "</b><br />";
        out += details[j].innerHTML + "</div>";
      pblock.innerHTML = out;

  execute: function( inputObject ) {
    var query = inputObject.text;
    var url = "";
    var params = {
      "search-text": query,
      hiddenstuff: ""

    var dataString = Utils.paramsToString(params).substring(1);

    var windowManager = Components.classes[";1"].
    var browserWindow = windowManager.getMostRecentWindow("navigator:browser");
    var browser = browserWindow.getBrowser();

    var stringStream = Components.classes[";1"].
    if ("data" in stringStream) // Gecko 1.9 or newer = dataString;
    else // 1.8 or older
      stringStream.setData(dataString, dataString.length);

    var postData = Components.classes[";1"].
    postData.addHeader("Content-Type", "application/x-www-form-urlencoded");
    postData.addContentLength = true;

    if(browser.mCurrentBrowser.currentURI.spec == "about:blank")
      browserWindow.loadURI(url, null, postData, false);
      browser.loadOneTab(url, null, null, postData, false, false);

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