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Consider the following answer of mine:

[Nokia Series 40](
is based on Nokia's proprietary operating system. For third party application
development, you can use Java ME and MIDP, Flash Lite or widgets (i.e.

In preview the hyperlink displays correctly, but on the actual answer it takes the whole paragraph to be the hyperlink text.

Update: There was another hyperlink issue in my answer:

For both, you can find the tools and SDKs from
[](Forum Nokia), alongside other developer resources.

which should have been

For both, you can find the tools and SDKs from
[Forum Nokia](, alongside other developer resources.

Fixing this made the issue mentioned above disappear: Now the Series 40 link text displays as I intended.

However, the issue still remains: Preview and final were showing different formatting.

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I've had a similar issue on a post. When posting an answer with multiple links with anchors, two entire paragraphs were gobbled up and treated (incorrectly) as a hyperlink. Everything looked good in preview, but went beserk when posted. After I removed the anchors from the links, all was good again. Here's the post, if it helps for comparison: – Telemachus Jul 20 '09 at 0:08

Carl, your "bug" is right here:

* <a href=">Counterclockwise</a>
                                           missing closing quote

I fixed it in your post.

And I upvoted you for your troubles.

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Upvoted so your answer would be "above" in two views. – random Nov 16 '09 at 9:00
Most embarrassing that I was the cause of the bug! Thanks for the fix, the info and the upvote. – Carl Smotricz Nov 16 '09 at 20:03

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