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(Using Firefox 3.5 under XP) When I load the front page of any of the trilogy sites and scroll down past N questions, if I want to see more questions, the option is to load the complete list, which immediately presents me with the same N questions I just scrolled past, possibly with one or two just added at the top of the list. Would it be a good idea to have the complete list, when loaded from that link, be positioned at the Nth item, so as to minimize overlap?

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The behavior differs for me, are you sure you're seeing the same questions?

If I browse to http://stackoverflow.com I get the list of Recent Questions and the Active tab is selected. If I click on the "complete list of questions" link at the bottom the page it shows the "All Questions" page with the Newest tab selected.

The two lists are quite different. I think a screenshot with obligitary freehand circles would help us visualise your problem better.

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Wouldn't we need two screenshots? – SamB Dec 2 '10 at 1:12

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