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How does Editing work in Stack Overflow?

How do I view the changes made to a question, in the SO-style visual diff?

I'm sure I've seen this before, but the "history" button eludes me. Clicking "edit" gives me a drop down of the revisions, but not the actual diff.


This edit is a demonstration of the revision history functionality.

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You can review the change list at any time that there are changes through the GUI by clicking on the edited X min ago link:

Then you'll be shown all edits in a sequence separated by edit, with additions of that edit in green and deletions in red.

There is a 5 minutes edit window that doesn't show on the edit history (all edits in that window are shown as 1 edit).

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Images do not work, showing only "Click and discover Imageshack" –  Aron May 19 at 12:23

Click the part that says edited [some time] ago under your question. That brings you to the revision page for this question. I have edited your question as a demonstration.

JavaScript bookmarklet

You can also install yourself this little bookmarklet to view the revision history of a question:


URL format

In general, for any post (question or answer), grab the ID and swap it out in the following format:

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+1 That's a good edit! –  random Feb 8 '10 at 2:40

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