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What is the best forum to go to for programming person-specific career advice in a discussion format (not suitable for SO)?

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You can start by checking out out these sites hosted by StackExchange (the same software engine that runs Stack Overflow):

Personforce Career Advice

Get Career Advice Here. A place to ask questions about your career and job search. Ask questions and get career advice at the Personforce Career Advice Forum!


A community site for career advice. No registration required. Always 100% free.

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Aren't all Overflow-style sites explicitly non-discussion oriented? – user142588 Feb 10 '10 at 19:15
No, not explicitly. While the Stack Overflow engine doesn't really support many-to-many discussions (i.e. threaded), the prohibition against subjective questions is purely an administrative decision in the operation of Stack Overflow, not the StackExchange engine itself. StackExchange sites could just as easily create a site to vote up the best opinions. Certainly, a site focused on "career advice" would allow more career-oriented topics than the purely "programming related" site here. And career advice is going to be inherently more subjective than most programming questions, anyway. – Robert Cartaino Feb 10 '10 at 19:53

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