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There should be bronze, silver and gold badges awarded to accepted answers with a certain number of downvotes.

Take a look at this one, an accepted answer with a whopping of -42 downvotes! It's not easy to get your answer downvoted 30++ times, and it is not easy to get your answer accepted. Don't you think to get both is an accomplishment?

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Atwood would get those badges multiple times on Meta before any other user even pockets one. – random Feb 11 '10 at 8:43
I love this idea. Anyone who dislikes the badge proposal for scoring the accepted answer with downvotes has never posted an answer on a question tagged for C++. There are some real competitive folks on that tag that love to downvote over very nitpicky reasons. – Selbie Feb 10 '13 at 13:29
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I don't see why we would like to reward a bad answer (judged so by the community) which is taken as accepted (depending only on the asker's judgment).

The opposite makes sense, and this is why it is rewarded (Populist badge).

Badges exist to "encourage" a good behavior, remember that.

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As Gnoupi said, we don't want to reward bad answers.

If you were proposing new Badges for SO/SF/SU, your example shouldn't have been taken from Meta, where downvoting means something different.

Jeff's answer wasn't technically bad, it was just unpopular.

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