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I have trouble finding the right tags for my questions. I tend to use tags which summarize my question. But I think tags should be more descriptive of the context that the question relates to.

At first glance, there might not be much of a difference, but here's an example on Meta: Why is my answer downvoted?

The tags I chose: [voting] [discussion] [meta-discussion] [downvoting] [style]

The tags after an experienced user worked them over: [discussion] [downvoting] [specific-question]

In my opinion the latter is clearly better.

How do you define your tags? Is there a rule of thumb for tagging? And if so, can you express the rule in one sentence? What would that be like?

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My one sentence: "Don't worry about it".

Tag questions the best you can, and then let the community decide what tags fit - the SOFU family of sites are collaboratively edited after all.

The example you gave is a perfect example that the system works. You're not necessarily going to know which tags tend to be used until you've been around a while, so let more experienced users re-tag things. Some day you'll have a better idea, and you'll be able to get stuck in to re-tagging.

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