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I have posted some questions that are very narrow. If they even have an answer, it is one which doesn't really solve the problem.

Shouldn't there be a way to prevent those questions from counting in the accept rate.

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I think that an accept rate between 80 and 100% is still acceptable (it has been discussed somewhere on meta). There are some questions I asked on which I can't accept an answer and in the end I still have a pretty good acceptance rate even thought it's not 100%.

Community wiki questions will not count in your accept rate but I think that outside of that there should not be a way to bypass this rate.

If most of your question can't be answered, leading to a very low acceptance rate, you should consider improving your way of asking questions or maybe realize that SO is not the place for such complicated questions.

You could also put a bounty on your question in order to try to get better answers...

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If you're asking that many questions that are so narrow that they don't get answers, then perhaps it's a reflection of the question?

You have a 100% percent accept rate on Stack Overflow. What's the issue?

One of your questions on Server Fault is better suited for Super User (except for this one, which belongs on Stack Overflow), maybe that's why they haven't been answered?

The final question is so abstract that no one could ever provide an answer.

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