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I was watching this question (just an example) and was wondering if it would be considered a valid question under "career building" from the Stack Overflow blog:

A Question About Questions

The current results for Which type of “programming related” questions are appropriate [on Stack Overflow]?, in order by votes, are:

(1) - (6) [omitted]

(7) Questions about social engineering, management, or career building, ergonomics, or other “soft” topics related to development work.

"The “winners” of this poll, items 1-7, map strongly to my idea of what we built Stack Overflow for. Items 8-11 … not so much."

So, for my sense of what "belongs," what's the call on this type of question?

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My opinion is career-building questions for programmers directly and definitely relate. However, that opinion appears to be a minority one.

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That's why I want to build a consensus. The blog post is pretty clear that SO is supposed to welcome these types of questions but, I agree, that opinion/follow-through seems to be in the minority. – Robert Cartaino Feb 13 '10 at 2:35

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