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Could the dash (-) be ignored in the tab completion dialog?

So for example, if someone typed in sqlserver as a tag, they would see tags of the format sql-server* in the results - currently they only see tags of the format sqlserver*

The reason that I suggest this is that although the convention is to use the dash as a separator in tags (for example sql-server or visual-studio), its not always immediately obvious where the seperator should go. This inevitably ends up with a small percentage of people tagging a question as being sqlserver rather than sql-server.

Also, I'm suggesting this on the assumption that this would be easy to do.

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That's a great idea, especially since the auto-completion box tells you which version of the tag is the more often used one:

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+1 @balpha: good point – IAbstract Feb 15 '10 at 16:50

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