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Is getsatisfaction.com a knowledge exchange competitor of hosted stackoverflow engine?

DISCLAIMER: I have no professional/financial affiliation with getsatisfaction.com or stackoverflow.

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Looks like there's a GS for SO: getsatisfaction.com/stackoverflow – Kyle Cronin Jul 9 '09 at 16:20

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GetSatisfaction is more centered around customer support for a company.

That meaning, you have people for the company there. And users can ask questions about the product the company has.

You can see a great example of GetSatisfaction for Adobe's version of it.

It has features like what the mood of the users are in a said question and others that make it more support oriented.

I can see where the resemblance is though.

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No, it is more likely competition for Uservoice. It was even brought up on Uservoice that we should change to getsatisfaction from Uservoice.

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I voted you up for a great way to answer - comparing to uservoice. [BTW, I think I heard on the podcast that meta.SO is an experiment to see if the SO engine could replace uservoice :)] – jmsmcfrlnd Jul 11 '09 at 3:10

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