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When a user chooses an interesting/ignored tag, they can choose any tag. Even those which are not in the database or being used by any question.

As this is not creating a new tag, do these non-existent tags get searched for every time a user logs into the site and clicks on a question tab?

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I think we should test this! I'm going to add non-existent-tags to my list, then check, add then retag this question to add non-existent-tags. I will report back.


Yes, this works as expected. If a question is tagged with one of my interesting tags, even if it didn't exist before, it'll be highlighted correctly.

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The highlighting/greying of interesting/ignored tags is all done client-side, so it's actually done every time you load a list of questions anywhere on the site (even in search results).

I think the lack of database-based tag support is partly because of this design, but also because you can do wildcard filtering on the tags (i.e., 'javascript*') where the input text won't exist as an actual tag in the database.

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