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I think I am not alone in experiencing a dislike for having to read a question I think is for linux, only to find out that someone is running apache on windows-7 or windows95 or 3.1 or cp/m or whatever. Sometimes you have to read quite a bit before this is clear and so retagging saves someone else time. Sometimes it is not clear what O/S is involved until you answer and the person says, oh, I meant windows.

Is it OK to retag questions that are O/S specific with the O/S tag, or is the tag only meant for issues specifically about that O/S?

Maybe this just isn't clear and there is not a clean distinction.

What is current practice?

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It's especially important on SF and SU to tag the OS involved, since most of those types of problems are OS specific.

On SO it's less of a problem, but when it's important to the question, then the OS should be tagged.

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I agree with Lance Roberts, but I'd add that if the OS is only incidental to the problem, then do not include it in a tag.

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agreed......... – Lance Roberts Feb 25 '10 at 17:52
agree, sometimes the OS isn't critical to the problem. in the hypothetical Apache-on-win7 question, if the problem/answer has only to do with what's in the Apache configuration files, no [win7] tag is needed. – quack quixote Feb 25 '10 at 20:37

If a question is specifically about how to do something in a given environment, then I think it's totally appropriate to tag the question with that environment.

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