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Using the SO search, I queried:

peertopeer javascript

I was looking for information on the new websockets standard and was met with the "Your search returned no matches" page.

The first suggestion on this page was:

Place your search terms in quotes to search for a phrase

Now, this is obviously wrong. If you cannot find term1 + term2, how is it possible to find "term1 term2"?

Being pedantic, but I thought I'd mention it.

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Stack Overflow converted your search into [javascript] peertopeer which basically means, search for the word peertopeer in the tag javascript. This is a feature because javascript is a popular tag. Anyways, if you were to place the phrase into quotes, it would look for peertopeer javascript as a phrase, and questions with that phrase might not be tagged Javascript. So it's possible that there are results, but not likely.

If you want to do the OR search, do the following search: "peer to peer" "javascript"

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That should read "Stack Overflow SILENTLY converted your search into ..." and I find that very troubeling. Doing changes from what the user asked for might be very fine, but do not do that behind the back and not inform about it. – hlovdal Dec 28 '10 at 1:32

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