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I registered about a year ago with the aim of creating something like Meta. Kyle made his forum, then Jeff made meta, and it never did anything. It's set to expire in April I believe and I see no reason to renew it.

Would anyone like to pick up the cost and keep the domain? If not, it will probably go into domain limbo and get auto-registered by a squatter.

On the off chance there're multiple people who would like it, post your idea, and I'll award it to whichever one I/everyone likes best.

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stackoverflowoverflow hurts my eyes – Miyagi Coder Mar 9 '10 at 22:40
2 – mmyers Mar 9 '10 at 23:02
That is just too much overflow.... – Michael Kniskern Mar 9 '10 at 23:42
Recurses! Foiled again! – David Thornley Mar 10 '10 at 15:02
It's a shame that someone registered and has a broken server sitting on it – Earlz Mar 10 '10 at 20:16
@earlz - the funny thing is that there is no such thing as stackunderflow. If you exceed the stack on either end going either direction then it's considered overflowing the stack. – Adam Davis Mar 11 '10 at 1:02
This goes to programmers now? – qwertynl Nov 21 '13 at 16:26
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It doesn't flow off the tongue quite as well as thingadongdong dot com, does it?

There are a lot of vocal users unhappy about questions that are closed. I think it would be interesting if someone turned your SOO into another stackexchange site that picks up all the closed questions* on SO and allows people to answer them.

It wouldn't allow questions to be posted directly to SOO, only questions that someone actually posted to SO but were rejected by the community, so it truly became the overflow of stackoverflow.

It could be quite popular, and possibly profitable.

I don't have the time right now to do this, but if no one else wants to pick up the torch, then I'll take it, pay the renewal fee, and see if I can dedicate some time to it before I become bored paying for it.

/Image of a clock spinning around depicting the passage of time

Ok, I made some time to do a proof of concept:

There are severe limitations to stackexchange that makes it impossible to migrate questions correctly and easily, but I've got several ideas on how to deal with that.

* Except migrated or duplicate questions. Perhaps some other types (blatantly offensive?) might be excluded...

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Super! Also deleted questions, and especially... deleted comments ;-) – fretje Mar 10 '10 at 17:55
Although that would better be a read-only site I guess. Maybe that's another idea in the making... – fretje Mar 10 '10 at 17:59
hmmm, makes one think about reserving for the questions that may be deemed inappropriate for – ChristopheD Mar 10 '10 at 18:08
Ok, I've created a stackexchange site. There's no way to auto import stuff, so at the moment I'm transferring questions over by hand. There are only 14 non dupe/migrated questions in the last 6 hours, so it's not exactly going to be a hopping site (~50 questinos a day, perhaps), but at least keeping up with posting them by hand should be do-able. Can't easily transfer comments or answers, except also by hand (which then doesn't tell you who left them) so it's not going to be terribly useful now. We'll see, I suppose... – Adam Davis Mar 10 '10 at 18:18
Thank your for reminding us all of thingadongdong. – Tyler Carter Mar 10 '10 at 19:09
@Downvoter - I've spent some time populating it. It's not easy - there's no way to push items into the DB at stackexchange, and the robot detection is in place even for administrators. – Adam Davis Mar 10 '10 at 19:31
@Chacha102 - 'tis my pleasure. – Adam Davis Mar 10 '10 at 19:33
I've signed up, I see what you're doing... seems like a lot of work – juan Mar 10 '10 at 19:36
Bonus points for overflowing the "Welcome to..." div. – mmyers Mar 10 '10 at 19:51
@Downvoter - yeah, it's a lot of work. – Adam Davis Mar 10 '10 at 20:14
@mmyers - uh... yeah, that's on purpose... Lemme show you the mockup that explained that this is intentional... um... scribble scribble scribble yeah, ok, here. See? I'm a genius! Genius! – Adam Davis Mar 10 '10 at 20:15
That link now goes to a panda page, sadly. – Pops Jun 23 '11 at 16:07
@Popular i r a sad panda – Adam Davis Jun 23 '11 at 19:42

Make it a stackExchange site about C#, so it attracts Jon Skeet, then only give him negative rep

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Or rep is only stored in a signed 12 bit number, so once you go over 2047 it resets to -2048 and you lose all your abilities until you build it back up again. – Adam Davis Mar 11 '10 at 1:01
then it would affect the other users, I want it only to affect Jon Skeet – matt Mar 11 '10 at 1:03
I don't think you can foil Jon Skeet like that. He'll find a way to get rep... – uɐɯsO uɐɥʇɐN Mar 19 '10 at 2:28
just look at jon skeet's rep on SO now, he gained 20k rep with the latest update. I think they did it because of my answer above. It's a conspiracy!!!!! Let's start the Anti Jon Skeet Society! – matt Mar 22 '10 at 1:57

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