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A little number next to each question to be able to tell which questions have been answered.

Or in related only appear questions answered with upvotes already?

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This is a good idea. It will also improve the look and feel... Right now we have a list of lines on the right side, not very sexy.

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Give extra reputation for answering a question with upvotes appears in the Related for this very question and has -3, so no, downvoted questions appear too.

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Perhaps a color-code? Similar to the way the #-of-views text color changes (subtly) under questions listed here.

So the most-viewed (or most-voted) Related questions float to the top, in a color-coded fashion. Color code could even be based on a combination of views, votes, answer status, etc. This might be more subtle than a number, but I think that's the beauty of it. It's an easier way to view the information.

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It's worth considering to include up to three numbers:

  • Score of the question
  • Number of upvoted answers (with a special colour if there is an accepted answer)
  • Best score of an answer

Or at least pick the "most important" one, then display the others in a three-line tooltip.

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