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If I search for "dojo" on stackoverflow I'm taken to this page which displays only a single result for the tag.

However if I go into that single post it clearly lists on the right hand side that there are (at the time or writing) 574 posts with the "dojo" tag. If I then click on the tag again I'm taken back to the first page which announces that there is only one question with the dojo tag.

Am I missing something here?

UPDATE: image

Now obviously the problem is that I happened to have been on the featured tab when I did the search, so it searched within the featured questions. Just me being dumb.

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Screenshots Meek, screenshot that mutha like you can't get enough of those freehand circles. – random Mar 11 '10 at 8:38
Can't reproduce this. – fretje Mar 11 '10 at 8:40
stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/dojo shows 573 results for me. – Ether Mar 11 '10 at 17:22

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Searching maintains the current question type tab, in this case "featured".

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You're in the Featured tab. That will list all those questions tagged with such that have a posted bounty. As such, you'll see a far lower number than when on another tab view.

Click on the other tabs and you'll see larger numbers. Active or Newest are probably what you want.

That will/should then stick for future searches.

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If the keyword you searched is also a tag, it will be redirected to the Questions tab filtered with that tag (e.g. /questions/tagged/{keyword}).

Under the Questions tab, the selected sub-tab (stats/newest/featured...) will be default to your last selected one. So for your case, if you've searched from "Questions>Featured", meant your last visit to the questions tab is likely to be the "featured" sub-tab, hence your are redirected back there.

If you've searched for something that's not a tag, you will be brought to this path "/search?q={keyword}"

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