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I had a working url-based openid from blogger, but I can no longer log in to SO with that identity. I get an error on the Google side "The requested URL /accounts/TokenAuth... is too large to process." Probably not an SO problem, but does anyone know the cause or a workaround? I'm not ready to change identities :-).

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I get this too occasionally. Seams to depend what machine i'm using and weather conditions... :( – HollyStyles Mar 11 '10 at 14:18

This is because Blogger is a poor implementation of an old version of OpenID. StackOverflow is sending longer URLs now than it used to -- still legal, but Blogger can't handle it.

See my post for how you can fix it for yourself, without changing identities: How to upgrade your Blogger OpenID to a decent one

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Today I also received the following error:

"414 Request-URI Too Large" The requested URL /accounts/TokenAuth... is too large to process.

As a quick workaround, try logging into the account first and then try to login to stackoverflow.

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your workaround works for me – tst Oct 11 '10 at 10:56

This happened when I changed my blog theme to dynamic view. When I switched to classic it started working again.

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