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Neil Butterworth's comment on this SO question notified me that there was a new Careers Overflow.

  • Can we have a link to it on the footer with the rest of the Stack Exchange links?

  • Can we have a Linked Account option for CareerOverflow ?

< 3 !


Diago pointed out that it is just a StackExchange site cleverly created with a similiar name as our site, and it is not an official affiliate or ally with the So/Su/Sf triliogy.


Because CareersOverflow is not "one of ours", in the furture, is it appropriate to suggest a question be not asked here but on CareersOverflow instead? Or other StackExchange sites?

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The updated answer with the release of SE 2.0

With the introduction of StackExchange 2.0, associating accounts across the whole StackExchange Network is possible and encouraged. There is also now a new central hub for all SE sites, accessible through the StackExchange link in the top bar of every site, and by visiting StackExchange. Once sites leave Beta from Area51 they will be added to the footers of appropriately matching sites, and also be highlighted on StackExchange.

The following answer applies to SE 1.0 Sites

The answer to both questions would be No. I would assume the link in the footer could be done if they applied to become members of the League of Justice.

CareersOverflow is a StackExchange site which is an official fork of the original Stack Overflow codebase. It's not part of the official Stack Overflow Trilogy. Only the trilogy sites and League of Justice members are placed in the footer. StackExchange sites are independently owned and maintained and hosted and developed by Fog Creek. The databases are completely separate and there is no way to associate accounts the way it works on the Trilogy. In fact Fog Creek does the hosting for StackExchange themselves.

The official trilogy in four parts are:

Stack Overflow
Server Fault
Super User
Meta Stack Overflow

It is acceptable to suggest to users to ask a question on any website more appropriate to their question if it is not covered by the trilogy, whether it is part of StackExchange or not.

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Thank you Diago for your perfect answer! (as always, er 99.99..99% of the time : ) – rlb.usa Mar 11 '10 at 19:49
I have the same question. Is it not possible to link with my accounts in careeroverflow and stackflow? – user150992 Sep 7 '10 at 20:21
@Kwokwai. Since CareerOverflow is still an SE 1.0 site it is not possible. However SE 2.0 sites does allow associating accounts. – BinaryMisfit Sep 7 '10 at 20:46

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