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Clearly, I am not submitting comments every 15 seconds.

I've tried it over the course of 10 minutes, on different threads.

My account on SO is:

One thread I'm trying to post a comment on is:

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+1 It's not just you. – Greg Hewgill Mar 12 '10 at 9:23
Strangely enough, this happened to me with the question I link to in…, i.e.,…; however then I tried to put a comment in another question, picked randomly, and I succeeded. Do you observe the same thing, i.e. cannot post comments to only some questions/answers? – Daniel Daranas Mar 12 '10 at 9:24
Hmm, I was just able to post my comment to that thread. I wonder if it was fixed or if I was just lucky ... – Noon Silk Mar 12 '10 at 9:26
+1 This happened to me for a while, but I have since managed to post a comment. – Dominic Rodger Mar 12 '10 at 9:27
Update: I seem to be able to comment now where I previously couldn't. – Daniel Daranas Mar 12 '10 at 9:29
The problem is not consistent for me either, sometimes it randomly works. FWIW, SO says "svn revision: 6485" at the moment. – Greg Hewgill Mar 12 '10 at 9:31
@Greg - MSO and SO are up to 6487 now. – Dominic Rodger Mar 12 '10 at 9:43
@Dominic: yes, new code was deployed since I wrote that comment. – Greg Hewgill Mar 12 '10 at 10:08
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Deployment artifact -- there were a few places we weren't correctly calling the shared function to get the user IP, and thus the x-forwarded-for HTTP header was not respected. Should be fixed in a minute or two.

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+1 - thanks Jeff, that was quick! – Dominic Rodger Mar 12 '10 at 9:43

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