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I was just reading through some random Stack Overflow questions and noticed that some people actually take the time to write some nice long answers. So I got to wondering what some of the longest (high quality) answers are.

I've gotten a few long answers to my own questions; this excellent answer, for example, had so much exciting insight that it led me to asking (begging?) for more in a separate question.

What are some of the longest, detailed, high-quality answers you've ever seen? Is there a record for longest answer in SO? If so, I want to find it here!

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I ran a query on Stackql and here are the top results:

Though the first three are longer than the fourth, they all contain lists or big blocks of code that inflate the length of the post. The last one, however, is a legitimately long and detailed answer.

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Do you still have the query? The link is broken. Would be nice to see updated results. – marcog Jun 6 '12 at 1:06

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