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All 11 of armecos's answers are promoting a single product named ComTrace. He very rarely addresses any specific concerns from the questions. (The closest I see is that "No pay no gain" could be responding to "Must be free".) There's probably a language barrier.

Are the diamond moderators aware of this serial spammer?

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Just started seeing some flags. I've removed all of his answers and suspended him for one day. Let us know if the behavior persists after the 24-hour suspension.

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Definitely hawking their own commercial product and adding no value to the conversation.

Taking action.

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He's definitely not from around these parts:

Notice: You must operate by the order, only support Win2000 and WinXp(32 bit) system now! see "FAQ---how to use it"


Anyway - definitely a spammer, and looks like somebody flagged him already a few hours ago, although a few more couldn't hurt.

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I ran out of flags. – Sky Sanders Mar 22 '10 at 1:08

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