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What percentage of the people in SO program in C#? What percentage program in Java?

Do these percentages change as a function of reputation? If so, how?

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I'm looking forward for the query... :) –  OscarRyz Jul 10 '09 at 21:34

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In general, since the Java and C# tags are the most active, as you go higher up the rep scale, you will find more and more Java/C# devs because it is easier to earn reputation in busier tags.

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I don't think you are right. My average vote/answer in C++ is much higher than C#. I think it's also true for high rep users like Jon. There are more people that answer Java/C# questions. –  LeakyCode Jul 10 '09 at 21:47

Well, for questions asked you could look at the numbers on the tags;

c#      28587     1.00 (relative to C#)
.net    17413     0.61
java    15108     0.53
asp.net 13711     0.48
c++     10298     0.36

For the site as a resource for people with questions (i.e. who is going to read your question)... here's some page stats for per-tag searches that I've munged a little bit - I've scaled to 1 (so everything is relative to C#) since I don't think I should post raw page counts...:

c#      1.00
.net    0.56
java    0.54
asp.net 0.41
c++     0.40

I can't speak about how this compares to rep without a lot of analsis - but certainly the popular tags are very well represented on SO.

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