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When do I get them back? It simply says "You have no more close votes today." I would prefer it say "You have no more close votes today, please try again in X hours" similar to when you're out of votes.

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Never. Close votes are running low these days, so they've been forced to ration a fixed amount to people. When you run out, that's it! Too bad you used all yours. :( – GManNickG Mar 23 '10 at 22:47
"6 to 8 weeks" would just be brutal :) – Sampson Mar 23 '10 at 22:47
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I agree, this should behave the same way as the normal voting <div>.

So when you reach the limit, it'll now tell you how many hours until 00:00 UTC when you get more. Just like upvotes/downvotes.

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Same time everything else gets reset on SO - 12 AM, UTC, which is in about 50 minutes from now.

If they implemented this feature then it would also have to apply to upvotes/downvotes, comment votes, rep caps, etc. Perhaps an entry in the FAQ would suffice.

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@Josh K: Not sure which epoch you're referring to but the Unix epoch is also 00:00. – Aarobot Mar 23 '10 at 23:15
It was a joke... kinda. Badly played because they both at are 00:00. – Josh K Mar 23 '10 at 23:29

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