It would be nice to be able to sort my favorites based on tag. The reason why is that I have a lot of favorites saved over many different tags. If I'm looking for a favorite in "python", then I click "python" and see all my "python" favorites.

Does this seem reasonable?

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1 Answer

You could modify my favorites script and accomplish this functionality.

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+1: I've used the favorite tags a bit and have been fairly pleased... Find myself unfavoriting questions though :) –  RSolberg Jul 13 '09 at 20:46
RSolberg, I find myself favoriting more things just so I can search them later :) –  Jonathan Sampson Jul 13 '09 at 21:10
Any way to run that script on IE or Opera? –  Alpine Mar 10 '11 at 9:05
That link is dead. :( –  Iterator Sep 6 '11 at 13:27
Yes! Isn't there any other way to sort the favorites? –  Adri C.S. Apr 12 '13 at 14:46
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