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In the trilogy sites we have the option to forward questions from one site to the other based on their content and appropriateness. This doesn't exist for StackExchange.

While there isn't a process in place to do this, and since at least the content on the trilogy sites is cc-wiki, what would be the best way for someone to try and salvage say, gaming questions that are closed on superuser, onto its dedicated stackexchange site?

The text of the question itself could be copied and inserted, but how should author attribution work in these cases? As I read the SO blog post on this it seems to focus on the questions that are valid and were answered. Some closed questions have no answer yet and are orphaned. What would be the correct way to reference they came from another site? Have a mod insert them into his stackexchange system and add the attribution information in the body of the question/answer?

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This question is now obsolete, because mods can migrate from and to any site. – wythagoras Apr 27 at 13:41

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