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Comment UI

Anyone else think that line looks a little funny? Due to the bad screen shot it appears solid but I think it's actually dotted. Either way, I understand small cancel link, Fitts Law and all.

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Only an issue on meta, where we underline links in that way, so [wontfix] .. but, you bring up a good related point, in that the link DOES extend all the way across for no reason. So I'll look at that part of it.

Edit: you're right, this is kind of a minor bug, so changing to completed.. in addition to reducing the size of the cancel link, I also made the edit button itself use the pointer icon.

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My guess would be it's set to display: block; somewhere in the CSS file. I'll click edit on this comment and check. – Josh K Mar 28 '10 at 1:44
all.css?v=6607 (line 1) is what FireBug is giving me for the file name. Simply removing that display: block; corrects the issue with no other UI problems in FF 3.6. Though while the border bottom is set to dotted it isn't cleared when you hover (text-decoration: underline) so it's dotted and underlined when you hover. – Josh K Mar 28 '10 at 1:45

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