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Hi, On SO I've got the following orange message:

"You have 1 new answer and 1 new comment. See your responses."

But I have only 1 comment and 1 new revision of my question, no new answer. Did I overlook something?

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I believe this is obsolete now that the "see your responses" functionality has changed. Voting to close. Feel free to smack me (in a comment) if I'm wrong. – Pops Sep 23 '11 at 21:05
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I can't find the other post on Meta, but a moderator mentioned that as a bug recently - revisions to your posts count as new answers.

Edit: aha, found the link "You have 1 new answer. See your responses." link doesn't show any responses

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It's probably deleted.

Or you didn't click Today first (by default only the last 3 hours of responses are displayed when clicking on the envelope).

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