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I don't really know which one should be preferred.

[user-interface] (811)
[ui] (837)

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I keep forgetting to tag my posts Stack-Overflow – Casebash Mar 30 '10 at 2:53

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This is a good spot for tag synonyms because the spellings are so different.

Without tag synonyms, I would favour going with [ui] because there is already [gui] (2658) in the system, with a huge number of questions, and there is no longhand variation of the tag. I think anyone who writes out 'user-interface' only to have it not show up as a registered tag will probably be able to figure out to retry the tag with 'ui'.

Honestly there really isn't a good solution to picking one or the other without the synonyms.

EDIT: Now that tag synonyms have been implemented, there is a synonym in the system mapping [ui] --> [user-interface].

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I would always prefer the full version unless the initialism/abbreviation is so thoroughly ubiquitous that the original is rarely-to-never used (think IBM != International Business Machines).

This is a good candidate for tag synonyms.

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