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I had asked one question and got great answers,from that one answer I had accepted. Now I have follow-up question with that answer and I am also sending the message using @ character and username with it but I want to that particular user is online or not means right now is he/she signed in to the stackoverflow or not ?

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Well, there is a "seen" field on the user profile which is public -- this will tell you the last time our website saw them with a granularity of about 15 minutes.

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@jeff atwood sir, about 15 minutes means he is sign out before that time ? – Harikrishna Mar 30 '10 at 11:07
@Harikrishna: No, that means the displayed time was the last time the user requested a page, plus or minus a couple of minutes. I think most people don't even sign out. But even if they went to bed, they'll receive the message that you adressed them in a comment as soon as they come back to the site. – balpha Mar 30 '10 at 11:11

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