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I'm not asking if questions on keyword stuffing or generating back-links or whatever are off-topic because they obviously are. What I'm asking is whether SEO questions that concern programmers are off-topic.

The majority of questions on SO marked as 'seo' are not closed as off topic, I guess people recognise that there are better places to ask deep-down SEO questions and the flames would quickly rise if you did!

But many programmers have to be able to advise whether the impacts of some of the code they are developing/maintaining has SEO impact - with some degree of confidence.

The closing of questions in this area is inconsistent as two questions added yesterday demonstrate - Do spaces in your URL (%20) have a negative impact on SEO? received no close votes, whereas Does whitespace in the title tag affect SEO? (my question!) was quickly closed. Both were added in a five hour window.

I'm not sure that the answer is obvious, as there was little discussion of this question on meta: Which SEO questions should be closed as non-programming/non-admin?

Obviously there is a blurred line on what is off-topic here, so I'm asking:

Is asking whether programming decisions impact on SEO off-topic?

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They are off-topic if people on SO (not Meta) vote them to be so. –  nb69307 Mar 31 '10 at 10:28

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