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  • I have 3 regular gmail accounts.
  • I may be logged in to any of it.
  • but when ever I try to log in to Stackover flow - It just follow single account.
  • I have tried Gravatar for that.
  • I have added all my email id's & photos to my gravatar account.
  • however, to log in to my stack over flow account.
  • I must have to logged in to specific account which is associated with
  • What should be the solution for this ?

  • Do my question need more clarification ? ( if yes please add comments )


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This is an old question. It is now possible to add multiple login methods to one account, not just two. – TRiG is Timothy Richard Green Jan 2 '14 at 15:19
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Use a different openid provider as your secondary openid provider.

Log into these sites using this openid provider rather than your google accounts.

Then SO won't even care what google account you're logged on to at any given time.

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You can associate an alternative openid with your account, so that gives you a 66%+ chance of being logged in. Beyond that... decide who you want to be?

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Edit profile -> My Logins -> Add more logins -> Google

Now select your second email id

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