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When searching for questions tagged C++, it works fine:

When searching via the search bar, typeing "C++ OR C#" yields the following URL, which is incorrect (matches "C# C++"):

When attempting to enter the search directly into the URL, the following shows up as "C blank OR C#":

But this one yields the correct search results:

I believe (though I could be wrong) that the latter two should yield the same results, and so should entering the query via the search box.

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Bug with single character tags in urls

General rule:

  • if any of the tags contain a plus, use space to delimit them.
  • if none of the tags contain a plus, you can use plus or space to delimit them.
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http://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/C%23%20C%2b%2b by searching [C++] [c#]

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