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I signed up for a gravatar some time ago, but it doesn't show on my profile. Sorry for the dumb question, but now what do I do?

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Im curious why people would downvote this? – Locutus Apr 20 '10 at 21:09

This is your Gravatar as I see it:

alt text

Not yours? Then you have a different email address with Gravatar and Stack Overflow. Change the email address in your profile to the same one you use on Gravatar.

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Your current Image does not look like the default SO images, are you sure that is not your gravatar?

To get it to work though is rather easy. Just create a gravatar for the same email address you are registered here with and it will automatically pick it up for you.

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It's automatically not picking anything up. My gravatar looks nothing like the image here. – ggg Apr 20 '10 at 14:22

if it's not working perhaps your profile is cached in your browser, try opening up an incognito window in Chrome (or similar in another browser) or emptying your cache?

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