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I don't consider this being very important, but I thought I'd report it (and perhaps it's by design).

I was cleaning up some of my old comments, and tried to delete one before 5 seconds had passed from the previous deletion, I got the "you cannot submit a comment for 5 seconds (click to dismiss)" alert.

I clicked, I waited 5 seconds, and when I clicked to delete it again, it got deleted without asking for confirmation.

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This, I think, is actually a feature.

I tested it out on my Formatting Sandbox answer: the confirmation dialog is not shown if you try to delete the same comment you tried to delete before the warning was shown. If you try to delete any other comment, you get the confirmation box again.

I guess the theory is that if you're adamant about deleting that comment, you're not going to be happy about seeing the confirmation box again (and if you're impatient, again).

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