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So I notice that some questions simply go unanswered. Due to the volume of questions asked, sometimes these questions go away from the front page fairly quickly, and then they are never seen or heard from again. If such an event occurs, can one re-ask the question?

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You can always try editing the question, which bumps it to the top of the front page again. Take the opportunity to change the subject or the question body to make it more clear, and perhaps someone will answer this time.

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Agree. The no duplicates rule is a good thing. –  Oorang Jun 29 '09 at 7:59

If your question remains unanswered, you can always try offering a bounty. Please read this answer regarding the bounty system.

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A lot of people follow tags more than the front pags, so if you tag your question reasonably it should still stand a good chance of being seen, even if somebody is doing a tag update (and owning the front page).


  • there is the "Community" user who will periodically prod your question
  • you can edit it a few times to get it back to the front
  • or offer a bounty
  • or delete it and re-ask it (perhaps re-wording it)

But the number of Tumbleweed badges suggests that this may be an issue - or maybe those questions were too vague or too specialized to get a decent answer.

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You can update your question regularly until you get the answer. Updating will get your question to the main page. If you ask the same question it will be dublicete and will be closed.

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"Regularly" may force it into wiki, but if the OP just wants the answer, that should be fine. –  Marc Gravell Jun 29 '09 at 8:15

A related example is at http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1076894/favorite-javascript-unit-testing-framework. In this case, the question is a clear duplicate of http://stackoverflow.com/questions/300855/looking-for-a-better-unit-test-tool-for-javascript. However, the questioner points out that things may have changed in nine months.

How should he go about getting an update?

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