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Tooltip for view count on user's page does not display accurate view count, it seems to just display "thousands" if the viewcount > 1000. Everywhere else the tooltip displays the accurate value, and I was expecting the accurate view count here.

See for example

The actual view count for that question is 4,196 at the time I am writing this.

The html fragment in question is this:

<div class="views"> 
    <div class="mini-counts warm"><span title='thousand'>4</span></div> 
    <div class='warm'>kviews</div> 

It should be like something like this:

<div class="views"> 
    <div class="mini-counts warm" title="4,196 views">4</div> 
    <div class='warm' title="4,196 views">kviews</div> 
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It's fair to note that there is no tooltip if there is less than 1000 views. – Jon Seigel Apr 21 '10 at 17:04
The same is true on the home page. No tooltip if < 1000, "thousand" if >= 1000 – ChrisF Apr 21 '10 at 17:10
Wow, you guys are great. Always open to feature requests. Good show! – th3dude Apr 23 '10 at 13:29
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I agree here. All this is saying is 'Hey dummy, kviews means thousand views'.

Since there is already a rule that the tooltip is only shown for >1000 (which I agree with since it is the only time counts are fully displayed), seeing the actual count would be nice.

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