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At the moment, if you vote up an answer to your question and you haven't chosen a "best answer" it will pop up a notice reminding you that you can. If you then try to select it as the best answer it will pop up another message saying that you have to wait x minutes if the minimum time since question was asked hasn't run out.

It would be nice if the x minutes you have to wait until you can choose a best answer was mentioned in the first message.

Something like "Remember you can select this answer as the best answer in x minutes".

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Is there a name for this kind of design flaw? Where the system implies you can or should do something, and then immediately tells you that you cannot do that thing? – MatrixFrog Apr 30 '10 at 15:55
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It is completely counter to the intention here to give people a timer -- the only reason we block accepts for a VERY LIMITED 15 MINUTE WINDOW after question asking is because people accept too soon, before people have had a chance to weigh in properly.

Declining because:

  • Doing this would only encourage more clock-watching and explicitly send the wrong "you should accept as soon as humanly possible" message
  • It only matters for the first 15 minutes after asking the question
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