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Can we get a total number of vote casted on stackoverflow for each day that the site existed?

I want to see some analysis done to attempt to answer questions like:

  • (Inflation/deflation) Is a vote now worth more than a vote then?
  • (Weekly fluctuation) Are significantly less votes cast on weekends?

We're geeks. We like charts and statistics. Let's do it!

Ideally the votes should be divided into the 4 obvious categories, QUp, QDown, AUp, ADown. Then we can analyze things like:

  • Does the introduction of {Electorate} shift the ratio of QTotal and ATotal?
    • Is that the intent? Is there a desired balance by design?
  • What about the ratio of UpTotal and DownTotal?
  • etc
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Too bad that and are dead. You'll have to install a DB and play with the data yourself, assuming you know a bit SQL. – BalusC May 1 '10 at 5:11

We need someone to sponsor an OData Trilogy dump site.

This is something I talked about with Scott Hanselman, and he expressed interest in hosting it on Azure with Microsoft's support.. would be an ideal case!

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Cool, looking toward it. – BalusC May 1 '10 at 5:35

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