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I'm not interested in "windows", "windows-7", "windows-vista", "iphone", "java", etc etc etc on Not surprisingly, I'm not interested in those on or, either.

It would be swell if I could sync my tags, both interesting and ignored, across all the sites.

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Note: tags themselves are not always in sync between the Trilogy sites. – Jon Seigel May 3 '10 at 20:04

Each site is significantly different in what the tags represent. On StackOverflow, iphone generally refers to programming an iPhone. On SuperUser, iphone probably refers to troubleshooting problems with your iPhone. On Serverfault, iphone probably refers to getting iPhones to properly work with the corporate infrastructure.

These 3 connotations are so different, that there really isn't any reason that they should be transferable between sites.

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I don't care about iphone on any of the three sites. I don't care about programming the iphone, troubleshooting problems with the iphone, or getting the iphone to work in a corporate infrastructure. Same goes for Windows. I'm not suggesting that all three sites should use the same tags. I'm asking for capability to sync them up, just like I can sync my user info. – Andy Lester May 3 '10 at 20:21

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