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I attempted to post a question on stackoverflow that had only plain text. No links, no images. Not even any fancy markdown markup.

(this is problematic because I don't have enough reputation to post images)

The post was about multiresolution favicons and I mentioned ico and png files a lot.

Is the stackoverflow form verification so wonky that it notices file-type endings within the text and mistakes them for actual attached images?

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Oooohhh, sorry to waste your time. I'm a n00b (though I've seen and made fun of similar errors on the web a lot...).

I said "It would be great if this had a <img src="favicon.ico:16"/>-type syntax" and didn't put in gt & lt character codes.

I now corrected the mistake and posted successfully, so you can see the text (and answer the original question?) here.

Again, sorry to waste your time, and thanks for all this meta street credreputation!

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You could also just escape the HTML by backticks `. Also see the markdown formatting rules on the right hand column when you enter/edit the message. – BalusC May 5 '10 at 12:56

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