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Possible Duplicate:
What Stack Exchange sites are up?

I just saw Math Overflow. What other sites are based on StackOverflow?

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marked as duplicate by squillman, Jon Seigel, ChrisF, juan, Sampson May 6 '10 at 19:25

This question was marked as an exact duplicate of an existing question.

Dupe on meta several times; for answer, see – Pops May 6 '10 at 19:17
StackOverflow, SuperUser, ServerFault, Meta, and all the ones listed here: Also, here is a list of known clones: – Jon Seigel May 6 '10 at 19:17
Interesting that MSO didn't suggest any of those dupes when I typed my question. – Qwertie May 6 '10 at 19:40
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See this link, but beware, they're all going away soon, as per this link.

Also, see the bottom of the page for a few more computer related sites.

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