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I just posted a question to StackOverflow regarding the PrototypeJS library. I tagged my question with [prototypejs] because I figured the [prototype] tag was too generic, probably for function prototypes. But [prototypejs] only has ~89 usages making me question if it's a duplicate tag, and if I should have tagged my question as [prototype].

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Tag Overload Exception

[prototype] can mean various things depending on the context, and most likely there are some questions about PrototypeJS that are tagged simply prototype, but the one you used is better.

Seems like there were other people with the same doubt, and said What the hell, better safe than sorry.

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[prototype] is too generic - it's the name of a language feature in JavaScript, and should probably have been limited to that...

Unfortunately, it isn't. Of the 912 questions tagged prototype, a good many of them have nothing to do with prototypes and everything to do with the Prototype.js library. Which makes it rather difficult to find questions about, say, prototypal inheritance...

I commend you for choosing a better tag... Let's hope your thoughfulness isn't rewarded with indifference.

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