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In my SO profile, I tried to do Edit profile and there in "About Me" text box, I tried to paste a HTML code as below provided by to display a button which would link to my profile on linkedin. But it does not seem to work on SO. This is the html code:

<a href="" >
    <img src="" width="160" height="33" border="0" alt="View Ajit Deshpande's profile on LinkedIn">
  1. When I checked the html tags allowed by SO, I found I had only the whitelisted tags allowed. So does this kind of thing I am trying to do work on SO.

  2. If yes how can I get it working?

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Just a side note: you shouldn't use the alt attribute this way; use title instead. – Marcel Korpel Dec 1 '10 at 1:29
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Try it without the border attribute in the img tag. The entire tag is getting stripped, not just the disallowed attribute.

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Hmm. Might as well actually show it working...

<a href="" >
    <img src="" width="160" height="33" alt="View Ajit Deshpande's profile on LinkedIn">

View Ajit Deshpande's profile on LinkedIn

Okay, aside from the small problems of (a) using the wrong pronoun and (b) having the funky "underline", it seems to work reasonably well.

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