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StackOverflow is one of the largest companies that I know of that doesn't have its own login system but leverages OpenID and OAuth providers. I love that idea.

My question is, would you guys be willing to release some of your data on what login services are the most popular? This would be a very powerful set of stats as it would allow us to implement a similar login system using only the most popular, and it would allow us to tell our clients "these are the services you want" :).

Thanks for letting me know, Lance

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I am not sure how you think it uses OAuth providers? (Surely there is some overlap in what providers offer, but I think Stack Overflow only uses the OpenID part if providers don't have a clear separation between OpenID and OAuth?) – Arjan May 24 '10 at 14:25
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Already done here

What OpenID providers should we feature on the /login page?

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exactly what i was looking for... so great! thanks – Lance Pollard May 10 '10 at 9:08

This year old article is stating some statistics about federated identity usage on a few sites including Stackoverflow.

Quoting from link: (a Filipino e-commerce site): 15% of new registrations are via OpenID, up from 10% a couple of months ago

37 Signals: 15% of logins are via OpenID on their Basecamp productivity application

Mixx: UI improvement resulted in ten-fold increase in registrations via OpenID and third-party services. 20% increase in registrations from direct and referrer traffic.

AFI (Rock band, event promotion): “We were blown away with the fan response. In two weeks we received 850 (YouTube video) submissions, had 12,500+ fans register on the website, 10,000+ comments, and over 100,000 votes to select our winners.”

Get Satisfaction: Deployments for their customers — Twitter and Songbird — are seeing OpenID utilization of 20% or more OpenID login has grown to about 10% of total logins

Stackoverflow: Third-party registrations have grown from 10,000 to 50,000 users in a couple of months

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