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@NarawaGames: those are not the same title. The titles are similar, but not identical. – John Saunders Jun 23 at 2:35
They used to be. It was changed. – Narawa Games Jun 23 at 2:36
@NarawaGames: I don't see that they were ever the same – John Saunders Jun 23 at 2:45
no they weren't exactly the same – user289879 Jun 23 at 2:46

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Someone edited the title, and there's a little casual overlap.

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Thahks. I did edit the title. I guess the user who pointed out the double URL had the previous URL still. – John Saunders Jul 14 '09 at 0:46


The last part of the URL is just for SEO (and human readability too, I guess). This is normal for SO-family sites.

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Did the user change the url? Also, I think the last / represents a variable value that doesn't really determine the ultimate destination. Perhaps Jeff could tell us what exactly that segment is used for beyond Google-ranking.

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