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In relation to this question

I came across this myself. There were several answers saying "it doesn't work because its a bug" or "try this" (and it doesn't work.)

To be honest I just didn't believe that, and so found a solution.

What's the etiquette here? Should I reply in the comments to each person "hey I found an answer, try this"? (since they will get a notification saying a new comment has been added)

Obviously I want the rep love! But I understand it might come across as spam...

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It's possible the answers were correct at the time they were posted. Or perhaps, you did find a solution others overlooked.

I see no problem posting your answer and, further, adding comments to any post where you find factual errors. That is the purpose of comments. The wiki aspect of Stack Overflow is to continually update and improve existing answers as well as provide newer, updated answers.

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If an answer is wrong there is nothing wrong with pointing that out with a comment.

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